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The BSE and NSE Most of the trading in the Indian stock market takes place on its two stock exchanges: the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The BSE has been in existence since 1875. The NSE, on the other hand, was founded in 1992 and started trading in 1994.

At first most people have doubt that why should we learn this ? Its pros and cons ? A lot of question we have here so we take most of questions and then we start knowing more on this course.

Can I become a millionaire by investing in stocks?

Definitely. Many people have done this in the past and you can do it too. The stock market is popular for creating wealth for the intelligent investors.

However, this is not easy and it requires a lot of hard work. If you are hoping to make great money from stocks, then be ready to spend serious efforts and plenty of time researching companies.

Always remember the old proverb- ‘You will never know if you never try’. Most people don’t even get started investing in stocks just because they are too afraid. Dare to be different and be passionate enough to chase your dreams. The stock market is giving you an opportunity to create wealth if you are willing to take it. so happily you can invest on it.

 Is investing in small caps more profitable than large caps?

Small caps companies have the caliber (capability) to grow faster compared to the large caps. There can be a number of hidden gems in the small-cap industry which might not have been discovered by the market yet. However, their true potential is still untested. On the other hand, large-cap companies have already proved their worth to the market.

Anyways, the quality of stock is more important than the size of the company. There are a number of large-cap companies which has consistently given good returns to its shareholders. Overall, investing in small caps can be more profitable than large caps if you’re investing in right stocks. 

 How to find good companies as there are thousands of publicly listed companies in the Indian stock market?

Here i want to say that use a stock screener. By using stock screeners, you can apply few filters (like PE ratio, debt to equity ratio, market cap etc) specific to the industry which you are investigating and get a list of limited stocks based on the criteria applied.

Paying a profession is better than making your own investing decisions.

I am new to investing and have minimal knowledge. Can I join the course?

Yes, the course is focused on beginners and there is no pre-requisite for joining the course. There is many videos are created in a simple and easy way so that you can learn step by step procedure to get started in the Indian stock market. After taking courses , you’ll have complete understanding and confidence when investing in the stock market.

Do I have to learn anything before joining the course?

I think most of the beginner have this common question. but i would say No. you do not need to learn anything beforehand. The only thing that I need from you is a passion to learn and an open mindless that you can also invest and make money from the market.

I could learn how to invest in my own. Why should I enroll?

It took me 3 years to master the skill of investing. Definitely, you can do it. There are a number of resources available on the internet. However, you will waste a lot of time and energy if you take the longer route. so enroll with any experts because courses gives you a head-start in your stock market journey and will save you an enormous amount of time. Imagine where your portfolio will be after 3 years if you start investing today in the right approach today rather than spending your time to decide what to learn and what not to.

How much money do i need to start trading stocks in India?

The general answer to all these questions is ‘there is no minimum money required to start investing in the stock market in India‘. You can buy stocks for even less than Rs 10 also if you find an interesting one (Indian stock exchanges BSE & NSE has a number of stocks pricing less than even Rs 10).

Can i buy international stocks from India ?

Yes, of course Indian citizens can buy shares of companies listed in foreign stock exchanges. … The process of investing in foreign stocks are as follow: Open a trading account with a brokerage house (ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities etc.) with overseas trading facility.

Please provide best selling book for stock market ?

Here i will provide you 5 book names which you will found in Amazon website

  1. Best Overall: The Intelligent Investor
  2. Best Reference: Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders
  3. Best for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market
  4. Best on Index Funds: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
  5. Best Skill-Building: How to Make Money in Stocks

Please ask question as i will always to provide my knowledge/information to all.

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