China Stand On Lies-covid19

China Stand On Lies-covid19

First of all, it was already known by the end of January 2020 that the initial patients hospitalised between December 1-10, 2019 had not visited the Wuhan Seafood Market and by the beginning of February 2020, a scientific report established that there were no bats sold in that market.

Questioning the naturally-occurring theory for the origin of COVID-19 is especially warranted given the presence of the unique furin polybasic cleavage site that does not exist in any of the yet-identified coronavirus close relatives

There is also no evolutionary pathway that conclusively demonstrates that COVID-19 was the product of a natural process.

The claim that COVID-19 is naturally-occurring is based nearly entirely on a single, but widely-cited Nature Medicine article entitled “The Proximal Origin of SAR-CoV-2,” which compares the structure of COVID-19 to what the authors consider its closest relative found in animal populations, specifically, the bat coronavirus RaTG13.

RaTG13 was isolated by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists from Yunnan Province bats in July 2013, but, strangely, its sequence was not submitted for publication until January 2020 and was unknown to the scientific community before then.

14 new confirmed coronavirus cases were reported in China on May 9, the highest number since April 28 and up from only one case a day earlier, Reuters reported quoting data published by China’s National Health Commission.

No new deaths were reported, it said.

The move came after all areas in China were considered low-risk on Thursday.

Did china hide something or everything?

The treatment and subsequent death of Dr. Li Wenliang – the coronavirus whistleblower – has yet again underscored how very protective the Chinese government is of its image as a perfect “people’s’ republic.

China’s recent claims that the United States was responsible for COVID-19, without evidence, shows how desperate the country is to preserve the narrative and facade of an effective state. Having to deal with the fact that yet another virus has emerged from its shores cannot be an easy pill for the Chinese Communist Party to swallow.

Countries have been reluctant to condemn China for obvious reasons. Economic ties, however, should never trump the security, wellbeing, and dignity of citizens. They must not prevent us from calling out such crimes for fear of offending our client. This is what is happening. Billions of people have been affected because others have lied. When we don’t speak out, we acquiesce.

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